About us

The Company Circus Glass Royale

Circus Glass Royale is a company that combines circus with art glass. We do performances that are specifically adapted to the site, along with professional circus performers, musicians, and glass artists. The Kingdom of Crystal in Småland, Sweden, is our home, but we are often moving far beyond the region’s borders with the aim of broadening the audience’s view of what circus is.

Circus Glass Royale started in 2008 as Cirkus i Glasriket and since then we do – apart from productions, performances and events – workshops, collaborations with the industry and innovative research. Glass is our passion, and no challenge is too great; Can you jump rope with steaming hot glass? With a symphony orchestra? Welcome to our world!

Our work and artistic vision

In everything we do, we strive for the same thing: we want to do groundbreaking productions with glass and circus.

Circus Glass Royale – Cirkus i Glasriket, is the encounter between circus, glass, music, tradition and innovation, artists, cultural institutions and businesses. Through craftsmanship and heritage we combine artistic activities with research and education, and place it in a contemporary context. By combining different art forms like this, new expressions arises that drives the artistic development forward. We think that is a moderate ambition.

International Guest Performances

During 2012, we visited a number of locations.


We have proudly received these awards in 2012:

  • Sweden’s contribution to the International Glass Symposium, Novy Bor, Czech Republic
  • Sweden’s contribution to the Prague Quadrennial, 11th International Competitive Exhibition of scenography and Theatre Architecture


Cooperation and collaboration are key words in our company. We work with, and bring together, cultural institutions, businesses and the free arts and cultural life. Without these, our work had been, if not impossible, then so much more complicated:

Artists in the fields of music, theatre and glass
Musica Vitae
Musik i Syd
Kulturparken Småland
Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg
The Glass Factory



Postal address:
Circus Glass Royale
c/o H Bernström
Folkskolegatan 14
117 35 Stockholm