Circus Glass Royale – A fusion of circus, music and art glass – hot and cold.
We create performances, concerts, installations and glass artifacts.
Our work is site specific.




Limbo Land

Three people in one place. They are waiting to travel. They have not arrived yet. They have not landed yet. They do not know what will happen next. They are in Limbo. What do they do in this waiting? They play. They are arguing. They are laughing. They mourn. They sing.

They live.

Requiem – a journey beyond and within

Requiem – a fusion of chamber orchestra Musica Vitae, The vocal ensemble from Stockholm and Circus Glass Royale.  Motion, projections and music takes us into a journey formed as a whole for all the senses.

French sensual baroque in combination with a reflective guitar; Gavin Bryars After Requiem, creating an evocative visual show, revolving around the properties of glass – a fluid at rest

Performed at: Eksjö kyrka, Funkisfabriken Diö and Målerås Glasbruk