Fragile Fairytales

Fragile objects are naturally in circulation when we arrange circus in a glass studio! Fragments of fairytales are joined together by hot glass into a kaleidoscopic show. The princess, the dragon and a juggler playing with death when circus artists, glassblowers and glass artists come together – hopefully without losing something or someone. In the set design, the audience will recognize famous glass artworks.

FRAGILE – a glass circus story is a show in a glass studio with circus performers, music and glass artists that premiered in Kosta Glass Center. One of the world’s most prominent jugglers, Matias Salmenaho, participated along with the amazing aerialist Methinee Wongtrakoon. The show, which can be experienced by all ages and languages, is called FRAGILE Fairy Tales – a circus story. Circus performers appearing with the glassworks as a stage, along with glass artist Nina Westman and glassblower Mikkel Karlshöj. Music by Magnus Larsson.