Space Time

Space Time,  Spacetime (en), four-dimensional room where three dimensions represent the ordinary room and the fourth time.

Items in the room are events.

Contemplation (lat. Contemplatio) “on view”, “view”, “consideration” of contemplor “view”, “seeing the”, “consider”) … a state of quiet contemplation spirit in experience … (National)

Around us; A marketplace – Commerce, hustle and bustle. In the midst of this bustling environment have we created another rum. A room in the room. A place for contemplation, stillness and art experience.

The installation is now at The Glass Factory, Boda.

Artistic idea and concept: Åsa Johannisson and Nina Westman

Music / Sound: Magnus Larsson

Technology: Active Sound

Production: Glass Circus Royale – Circus in the Kingdom of Crystal

The work included a mobile in uranium glass by Nina Westman: Little boy galaxy

Art event conducted on behalf of Kulturparken Småland with support from the Regional Council of Southern Småland.

Foto: Viktor Ståhl-Engström Foto: Viktor Ståhl-Engström Space Time Foto: Viktor Ståhl-Engström Little Boy Galaxy Fotograf Peter Lloyd